4 Great Ways To Store Your Jewellery

4 Great Ways To Store Your Jewellery

You've spent time and money investing in your precious jewellery so it makes sense to treat it with care, whether being worn or stored. There's nothing more annoying than reaching for your favourite necklace only to find it tangled up with a dozen other chains! To help with this, I have compiled my top four ways to store jewellery (plus where I buy my supplies) to keep your treasures tidy, easily accessible and in their original condition so they can truly last a lifetime.


storage box with compartments for storing handmade jewellery

1) Storage boxes with compartments

Clear storage boxes are ideal for holding jewellery as you can find what you are looking for at a quick glance. Also, by separating each item, the jewellery won't touch, tangle or scratch each other. I buy mine from Storage Box but they are widely available at hardware, craft or fishing stores.


trinket dishes for storing handmade jewellery

2) Trinket dishes

Keep your jewellery on your dresser in dishes of whatever size, shape and colour take your fancy! These are particularly useful for holding large or awkward-shaped jewellery. I like to find mismatched plates at op shops or buy handmade ceramic dishes from NZ artisans. Supporting a local maker, displaying beautiful objects and looking after your jewellery = win win win!


zip lock bags for storing handmade jewellery

3) Zip lock bags

Sterling silver naturally tarnishes over time when exposed to sulphur and acids in our environment. A practical way to store your jewellery and prevent tarnish is to keep each item in a small zip-lock bag. Even better, pop in an anti-tarnish tab to absorb pollutants and further protect your jewellery. I buy mine from Regal Castings. (P.S. I include an anti-tarnish tab with all jewellery purchased online!)


travel jewellery box for storing handmade jewellery

4) Travel jewellery cases

With cushioned compartments to separate earrings, rings and necklaces, travel jewellery cases are ideal for keeping jewellery safe and accessible while on the move, and of course can also be used at home. There are some great options available such as the lovely range of jewellery cases from Shelf Home + Gifts for a luxurious way to store your jewellery.


I hope that you find these tips helpful! I'd love to hear your favourite ways to store your jewellery, so please do share them in the comments below.

Aurelium jewellery is designed and handmade by Laura Naik in her Christchurch studio. Read more about her work and the ethos behind her minimalist everyday jewellery HERE.

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