handmade gold and silver jewellery in aurelium gift boxes

Timeless jewellery that speaks to the heart

You know that feeling of contentment when you’re cradling a rustic handmade mug in your hands and taking the first sip of your morning coffee? Or the snug comfort of wrapping yourself in a soft hand-knitted cardigan? How about the feeling of wearing a piece of handcrafted jewellery that bears the telltale signs of the maker’s touch, designed with intention and made with a whole lot of love?

If you understand what I mean then we speak the same language. So, welcome to Aurelium!

designer maker Laura from Aurelium jewellery in the studio

My name is Laura and I’m the owner and designer-maker behind Aurelium. I handcraft minimalist sterling silver and gold-plated jewellery for women who love timeless elegance with a personal touch.

In today’s fast-paced culture, people strive for wealth, status and possessions. But I truly believe that what matters above all else are people, relationships and personal connection.

Handmade jewellery is so much more than just an accessory. Knowing that your jewellery has been made with love and care by a real human being provides a feeling that warms you from the inside. It offers a connection to the maker, the craft, the materials and the story of its creation, that uplifts the wearer so you not only look beautiful but also feel wonderful.

Aurelium jewellery is born from a desire to offer this precious feeling of one-on-one connection that we all crave on a human level, to be a wearable reminder that you are never alone.

making handmade sterling silver jewellery in christchurch studio

My story

My love of jewellery started when I was in high school. I had dozens of pairs of earrings that were all handmade - big, small, modest, bold, silver, colourful, and made from all kinds of materials. Some were bought at craft markets, some from overseas travels, and others were from local boutiques. At the time, I couldn't quite articulate why I was drawn to them, but wearing them always made me feel good and they meant more to me than anything else in my wardrobe.

Years later while in London on my big OE, I took up a hobby silver jewellery course and immediately fell in love with the craft. It was then that I began to see things from a different perspective - as the maker, not the wearer. I realised that the personal connection and the stories behind each piece of jewellery were what made them so special. Each piece captured the essence of the maker and felt like wearing a piece of their heart.

photo of jewellery bench peg with textured teardrop earrings being made

After my working holiday visa ended and I moved back to NZ, I decided to turn this passion into a career. I completed a Bachelor of Design at Unitec in Auckland, majoring in Contemporary Jewellery. It was there that I refined the timeless, minimalist aesthetic that has become my signature style.

In 2017, I established Aurelium with a focus on authenticity, thoughtful design and high-quality craftsmanship. I recently moved back to my hometown of Christchurch with my husband and two young kids and now work from my studio creating meaningful jewellery that not only brings joy to the wearer but also lets their unique style shine through.

hands holding minimalist geometric hoop earrings

My jewellery

I prioritise quality and eternal style over fleeting trends. My aim is to create versatile jewellery that can be worn every day, allowing people to feel a meaningful connection in their daily lives and rituals.

I draw inspiration from the urban environment and the world around me, particularly from interesting textures, geometric shapes and intriguing shadows. These elements influence my jewellery designs. By producing in small batches I can minimise waste, focus on the creation process and ensure high attention to detail.

My jewellery has been worn by Jacinda Ardern, the former Prime Minister of New Zealand, and Hayley Sproull, comedian, actor, and television and radio show host. Aurelium jewellery is stocked at a range of stores and boutiques throughout New Zealand.

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