Embracing Creative Freedom and Saying Goodbye to Analysis Paralysis

Embracing Creative Freedom and Saying Goodbye to Analysis Paralysis

I’ve been struggling with a major creative block for months now. The problem hasn’t been coming up with ideas – I have countless ideas for new jewellery pieces whirling around in my head, to the point that I can literally imagine them fighting for space up there! The issue is that I start working on a new design, but then I get side-tracked with orders (not complaining, it’s a great problem to have!). By the time I come back to that piece, my enthusiasm and momentum have completely disappeared. I feel like I need to turn that individual piece into part of a larger collection, but the thought of creating a range of variations of that one piece leaves me with overwhelm, analysis paralysis, all the things. So, I stash that piece aside and move onto something else, and then something else after that. And those once-exciting pieces just gather dust on my workbench.


But I’ve decided now that I’m going to try out a new approach to my jewellery making. I’m going to shift my focus to just CREATING, embracing whatever ideas come to me in the moment. I want to make jewellery that I genuinely love, and I hope that you’ll love it too. Jewellery made purely for the sake of being beautiful and making the wearer feel wonderful. Jewellery that speaks to my heart and hopefully resonates with yours as well.


 So, what does this mean? Well, I will continue to make the items in my permanent collections, however I will also be regularly updating my website with new designs that are one-of-a-kind and ready to ship. It could be a single piece at a time or maybe a handful. Ideally, I aim to introduce new pieces on a weekly basis but the timing will ultimately depend on when inspiration strikes! These designs may eventually become part of a larger collection or occasionally be added to the website as permanent inventory. Alternatively (and more than likely) they may remain unique, one-of-a-kind creations that won’t be replicated.

 one of a kind wide textured band hoops

This of course means that when they’re gone, they’re gone! VIPs will be the first to know whenever new pieces are added so if you haven't already joined the VIP list and you want to stay updated, I recommend signing up here. So that’s the plan for now at least! No big launches, no hype, just a steady trickle of new pieces to get you – and me – excited.


You can expect the same modern minimalist aesthetic that I am drawn to, plus a bit of experimentation thrown into the mix. And that brings me to the first of these new pieces, a combination of the simple and the experimental! These pieces are now finished and up on the website, take a look here and please let me know in the comments or via email what you think!

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Hi Laura, I think that having one-of-a-kind jewelry available, along with your regular collections is a great idea. I’m sure it will allow you to develop some fresh ideas, and I expect having one idea, will develop into more deeper and varied ideas, as you go through the process of making the initial piece.
Doing this is certainly worth a try, and I feel it is a good idea.

Better have a notebook on hand and ready, for when the new ideas come flooding in ✅✅

Peter Zeitz

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